French Faster provides DALF C2 Preparation online course with a native French tutor from SGD28/hour. Our classes, courses, lessons are delivered via Skype. Try it FREE. The DALF C2 French Exam is administered by the CIEP (Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques) on behalf of the French Ministry of Education. The C2 level of proficiency corresponds to an upper advanced level (mastery level) in French. 

Although it does not involve exactly the same degree of competence as the native speaker, the C2 level is academically exacting, requiring abilities of a very high standard. Our DALF C2 French tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

DALF C2 Exam format
Nature des épreuves Durée Note sur

Compréhension et Production Orales
Epreuve en 3 parties:

- Compte rendu d'un document sonore (2 écoutes)

- Développement personnel à partir de la problématique exposée dans le document.

- Débat avec le jury

2 domaines au choix du candidat: lettres et sciences humaines, sciences

0 h 30

1h après les 2 écoutes

Compréhension et Production Écrites
Production d'un texte structuré (article, editorial, rapport, discours...) à partir d'un dossier des documents d'environ 2000 mots.
 3 h 30 /50

Total pass mark = 50/100
Minimum pass mark per test = 10/50

Why choose French Faster for DALF C2 French exam preparation?
  • Short learning period: Even if you don't know any French, you can reach A1 in 40 hours, A2 in 60 hours, B1 in 80 hours, B2 in 120 hours, C1 in 180 hours, and C2 in 220 hours of learning!
  • Experienced bilingual tutors: You learn from tutors (all native speakers) who know exactly what to do to help you score well in the DALF C2 French exam.   
  • Latest exam questions: You get model answers for recent and past DALF C2 French exam questions, apart from our own bank of mock questions. 
  • Excellent learning materials: You wouldn't need to buy any extra learning materials for the DALF C2 French exam preparation; we provide all pdf and audio files. 
  • Anytime, anywhere: You can take DALF C2 French class online via Skype anytime, anywhere; we have tutors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  
  • Guaranteed Success: So far, we have a 100% success rate.

Online class with a private tutor via Skype
  • Our DALF C2 French course is delivered online with a private tutor.
  • You can interact with your teacher as in face-to-face.
  • To take this lesson, you need: Computer,  good Internet connection, microphone, speaker, webcam.
  • The lesson is delivered through Skype (a video-chat program similar to Yahoo Messenger or Gtalk).
  • Skype is free and easy to install and use. To download Skype: www.skype.com/download
  • We can assist you if you don't know how to set up Skype.
  • For more details on our online classes, refer to How it Works

Class days, time and duration
  • The duration of each lesson is as per your preference. It can last for 1h, 1.5h, 2h, 2.5h or 3h.
  • You can also decide how many times in a week you wish to have classes.
  • You can decide your preferred days and time for the classes as well.
  • Let us know your preferred schedule and we'll assign you to one of our teachers.
  • We teach from Mon-Sun, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages of our online DALF C2 French Exam Preparation

  • You can study in the comfort of your house.
  • You don't need to waste time commuting to the school.
  • For a private one-to-one lesson, the course is very cheap.
  • You have the full, undivided attention of the tutor.
  • You have maximum opportunity to speak French in class!

Our DALF C2 French tutors
  • Our DALF C2 tutors are qualified native French speakers who bilingual in French and English.
  • Our DALF C2 tutors have good experience preparing students for the HSC French exam.
  • Our DALF C2 tutors are well trained to teach using our Accelerated Learning method for faster progress.

Break time

  • Our teacher is entitled to a 5 min break after every 55 min of classes.
  • Actual duration of class minus break time: 1h (55 min) | 1.5h (1h25) | 2h (1h50) | 3h (2h45)

Learning materials
  • We send you the learning materials (pdf documents) before the lesson.
  • You will need to download and print out the lesson sheets.
  • The lessons are specifically designed for online learning.

Course fees

You can view our various packages under French Tuition Fees

Free Trial Lesson

To book a free trial lesson, please use our Contact Form


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"I can unequivocally say that Nadjia is a phenomenal teacher, and the best foreign language teacher I have ever known.

She made learning French easy, fun and stress-free. In spite of having only 4 weeks' time for preparing for my DELF B1 test, she made the entire journey so smooth and hurdle-free for me. Whenever I used to get panic she would calm me down and show her confidence in me by saying soothing words like she believes in me that I'll make it for sure. 

I feel she used to do more homework for me than myself. Even after class she would prepare lessons for me, and think in every aspect what can be done so that I can achieve my desired grades in exams. 

She's a wonderful teacher, inspiring human being and a humble person. 

She's among few those people with whom you would like to be in touch forever. 

Thanks a lot Nadjia for being there for me, take care."

Dr Pooja Malik (Pedodontist)
DELF B1 Exam Preparation