Here are some resources for learning French, including various articles, grammar lessons and culture notes.


1. Why learn French

Why learn French when there are more than 4000 languages spoken on this planet? After all, English is the world's leading language. In this article, Nageeb Gounjaria gives 7 good reasons for learning French, showing the relevance of the language of Moliere in areas such as holidays, arts, culture, technology and business. Read more

2. I want to learn French

We often hear this from enthusiastic students who want to learn French but have no idea how to get started. French language is like a vast maze, and with the plethora of resources available online, it is not surprising to be overwhelmed and confused where to begin. In this article, Nageeb Gounjaria discusses some ways to get started. Read more

3. How to learn French

Based on 20 years of experience teaching French as a Foreign Language, Nageeb Gounjaria shares 7 tips on how to learn French effectively. Read more

4. How long to learn French

How to learn French fast? How long does it take to learn French? This is perhaps the most common question from students who wish to learn French. How long a student needs to learn French will depend on several factors, with some taking a longer time than others. How long it finally takes will depend on several factors discussed below. Read more