Teacher Arshi has sparked my daughter’s interest in French language

My daughter has been with Teacher Arshi for seven straight years until she took her O levels late in 2018.
She has shown great patience and understanding towards her and her needs.
In the end, she was not just a teacher to her but also a friend.

This relationship has made my daughter look forward to her weekly French classes with Teacher Arshi.
She was not just doing it for the sake of learning. Teacher Arshi has sparked my daughter’s interest in the language and has accompanied her throughout her Primary and Secondary levels.

Me and my wife were quite worried for Nicole’s French O levels but with Teacher Arshi’s help,
she was able to get a B3 in it. Sad as we are that she cannot continue to work with her for her A levels,
we still look forward to the weekly hi and hello as she teaches my younger daughter, Chloe, in Secondary 2 FIMT.

We are always thankful to French Faster and Teacher Arshi on how Nicole has learned
not only to speak and write in French, but to love the whole language.